Emergency Tree Service

Fallen tree service

Emergency Tree Service

Fallen trees require tree service experts.
Do not attempt to clear a fallen tree yourself.

1. If anyone has been injured, a fire has been started, or any power or other transmission lines have been affected call 911 immediately.

2. Next, call the tree service experts at Burley Boys who will have a qualified tree expert at your location within minutes to assess the damage, the potential for further damage, and the best means for safely removing the fallen tree without causing further damage.

3. Keep all persons clear of the fallen tree until your tree service expert arrives. If the tree hasn't fallen completely to the ground it may continue to fall at any time. Even if it has fallen to the ground it may roll.

Don't take chances until the tree service expert has arrived and evaluated the risk.read more =>

Changes to District of West Vancouver's Tree Bylaw

In response to residents concerns, the District of West Vancouver will undertake community consultation regarding tree protection on private lands and report back to Council in fall 2016.

During this consultation period, an Interim Tree Bylaw is proposed to protect identified trees until Council considers a long-term strategy for tree protection.

Information on the Interim Bylaw can be found on the District's Website

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Case Studies

In this area we try to give examples of typical tree services required by residents of Vancouver and it's surrounding communities.

Overgrown Trees

Vancouver, it's surrounding communities, and the entire West Coast is rich in abundance of forestry and wildlife. Vancouver residents are passionate about their trees…They want as many as they can get, as close to them as possible.read more =>